Green Gables

In this series of articles we explore how you can adapt your landscaping practices to better help the environment of Coral Gables.

Coral Gables Farmers Markets, Red Mangrove Project, and More…

I’m writing this the first week in January, in the middle of another covid surge. I guess there’s no predicting what comes next, but when the thing eventually dies down again I sure plan to get out and…
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Biodiversity and Conservation

How can it be December? The year has just sped by! The best thing about now, unlike this time last year or this summer, is that Covid is down and you can get out and enjoy events. Biodiversity…
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Fall Bird Migration

Wow, how did it get to be November!! This year is just speeding past. We are in the fall bird migration south for the winter so in this issue I want to focus on... Birds, Birds, Wonderful Birds…
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Pollinator Patch Success, Climate Change, and Soil Composition

A Shout Out For Our Mayor Vince Lago! I really appreciate the backing and support Mayor Vince Lago has given to my Green talks and pollinator patch. Without his support, I really do not think these ideas would…
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City of Coral Gables to Install a Pollinator Patch

GOOD NEWS!!! If you have been reading these columns, you know that I have been asking the City to install a POLLINATOR PATCH somewhere in the City which would have plants that residents can buy at local native…
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Diversity Makes the Environment More Stable

I hope you are all enjoying this summer! I’ve just been feeling so lucky to live in this green lush environment. We’ve been getting our rains, and the resurrection fern on the trees is a thick carpet. And…
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About the Author

Linda Lawrence Waldron

Linda Lawrence Waldron currently writes the Green Gables column in Gables Living Magazine.  Linda chaired the Coral Gables Garden Club committee that established the  Coral Gables Library Butterfly Garden.

She is the author of the Coral Gables Library Butterfly booklet. It gives you the "how to’s" for having your own butterfly garden. 
Linda attended the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew, England School of Garden Design.

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