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Arbor Day - working with the City of Coral Gables to teach children the value of trees.

Garden Therapy - bringing flower arranging to retirement home residents.

The Merrick House - decorating for the holidays and the annual Open House

Refreshing the Coral Gables Library Butterfly Garden

Working with the City to create the Miss Lamar Louise Curry Park

Participating in the Coral Gables Community Foundation's Tour of Kitchens with our Annual Plant Sale

Member Education and Enjoyment:

Monthly Luncheons and Programs with noted speakers on horticultural interests

Gardening workshops, field trips to botanical sites, flower shows and participation in MMFS

Giving Back to the Community:

Scholarships to college students studying in appropriate horitcultural fields.

Scholarships to Summer Trekker Camp at the coral Gables Museum

Support of environmental non-profits and the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Camp Wekiva, Penny Pines, World Gardening and more.

Learn About The "Swaddled Babies" Orchid

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Gables Living - October, 2016

Our Garden Center is located on  the Biltmore Hotel grounds.

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This flower is called "Swaddled Babies".  Here is a short history of this particular orchid: 

The orchid species overall produces many amazing flowers but none is more so than the Anguloa Uniflora which has flowers that resemble swaddled babies. 

This wonderful orchid was discovered by botanists Antonio Pavon Jimenez and Hipolito Ruiz Lopez from Chile and Peru in their ten year long expedition from 1777 to 1788.  

It was another ten years before this orchid would be named Angula Uniflora in honor of a botanist Don Francisco de Angulo, who also happened to be the Peruvian Director General of Mines. 

Their natural habitat is in the Andes in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

What a wonderful gift of nature!

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