Coral Gables Entrances

In 1990, the Garden Club undertook the ambitious project of defining three of the entryways into Coral Gables. The project stemmed from George Merrick’s vision of architecturally grand structures at major entry points to the City. The Garden Club’s President, Betsy Adams, along with her committee and the hands-on support of her husband, Larry, developed a plan to fund, design, and construct the distinctive structures that signal entry to the City Beautiful.

Coral Way and Red Road Entrance

This was the first entrance, completed and dedicated in April, 1991. It features generous green spaces and landscaping in front of a decorative shallow fountain. It is a fitting introduction to the beauty of Coral Way, with its canopy of live oak trees.

Florida Federation of Garden Club officers visit with officers of the Garden Club, October 30, 1991

Miracle Mile and Douglas Road Entrance

Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, this entryway structure incorporates the arches and fountains favored by George Merrick. Completed and dedicated in April, 1997, it heralds the famous Miracle Mile shopping district just beyond the entrance.

SW 8th Street and Ponce de Leon Boulevard Entrance

Completed in October, 2009, this entrance features gateway structures at either side of the broad Ponce de Leon Boulevard with a clock tower in the central median. The clock has Coral Gables Garden Club inscribed on its face, honoring the Club’s efforts that brought it into being.

In recognition of the Garden Club’s contribution of the three entryways and the statue of George Merrick in front of City Hall, the City issued a proclamation declaring January 13 “Coral Gables Garden Club Day”.