Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy has been an ongoing and satisfying project for many years. Garden club members visit a Coral Gables senior retirement/rehabilitation center or school, arms loaded with flowers and small vases to help the participants arrange bouquets to return to their rooms or home.

We have gone to the Riviera Health Resort for the past several years. We now have included Crystal Academy, a school for children with disabilities.  The club is so grateful to have Carmen Cason as the Chair for this event for several years, who does a fantastic job organizing our volunteers.

Crystal Academy

February 13th, 2023

A group photo of all the staff, students, and CGGC members who volunteered for garden therapy at Crystal Academy on February 13th, 2023.

Marlene Riesco and Maria Teofilo.
Past President Judy Mangasarian
Jo Anne Mathews with staff.
Maria Gonzalez and Maria More
Mercy Arrieta with staff and students.
Chair Carmen Cason setting up the day!

Crystal Academy

November 22nd, 2022

Riviera Rehabilitation Center

April 2022

Joan Wright, Rosita Perez, Denise West, Jo Anne Mathews, Victoria Cabeza, Carmen Cason, Maria More, Charlotte Henderson, Betsy Tilghman, Judy Mangasarian, Mercy Arrieta, Phyllis Hernandez

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.

– Luther Burbank
Maria Teofilo, Denise Glasser, Eleanor Ware, Marlene Riesco, Susan Rodriguez, Carmen Cason, Victoria Cabeza, Maria Gonzalez and Maria More