Photo Gallery

Meet and Greet with New Members May 2022

Standing: Susan Rodriguez, Jo Wanda Peterson
Sandy Milledge, Julie Connor
Directors Nita Norman and Fran Reid
Teresa Zohn, Fran Redi
Carmen Roca, Maria Feito and Emily De Armas
Sandy Milledge, new member Wendy Cook, Sharon Trbovich and Donna Box
Connie Cabeza, Nita Norman and Donna Box
New members Maria Teofilo, Emily De Armas, Maria Feito, with Sandy Milledge and Julie Connor

New member Ann Rudolph with Donna Box

Floral Designs Around the World

Tahitian Leis from Papeete.
Bora Bora beauty!
Floral Headdress in Bora Bora, South Pacific.

Happenings Around Town

President Judy Mangasarian and Dr. Mauro Galetti-Rodrigues hanging an orchid at the University of Miami Arboretum.

Meet and Greet with New Members June 2021

New Members: Marcy Montgomery, Daria Feinstein, Sherry Puerto, Rosita Gardiner. Seated: Jodie Zaban and Paula Biehler
The only man in the room, Frank Rodriguez, Sandy Milledge and Donna Box
Evelyn Budde, Susan Rodriguez, Jeanette Slesnick
Judy Mangasarian and Joanne Matthews
France Ingraham. Nita Norman, Jodie Zaban and Maria Gonzalez
Nita Norman and Sharon Trbovich
Rhonda Anderson and Sherry Jordan
Phyllis Hernandez and Sandy Milledge

Sherri Puerto, Rosita Gardiner, Jodi Zaban
France Ingraham. Nita Norman, Jodie Zaban and Maria Gonzalez