Green Gables

In this series of articles we explore how you can adapt your landscaping practices to better help the environment of Coral Gables.

Wonders of Nature

How can it be October! The year just raced by. As I write this Sept 12, we’ve been extremely lucky with the weather. Maybe a little hotter than usual, a little less rain maybe but no big storms…
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September Events

DARN!! It's September and I like summer! I guess we are good until daylight savings time goes away and its starts getting dark at 6pm. As I write this though, August 10, it’s been a really good summer—especially…
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Energy Efficiency and More…

I’m writing this a week after Memorial Day and we just had our first rain (luckily not wind) event of the season—13 inches of rain in Miami in 24 hours over the weekend. It’s amazing how 90% of…
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Conversations about Education and an Ecological Oasis

You know I am convinced that a lot of the answer to global warming is education. I was at my dentists today and he said to me, “Are you the lady who does that column?” I said yes…
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A Big Shout Out to the City Of Coral Gables and its Mayor

I’m writing this at the beginning of March—it is such a lovely time of year!! This year the mango tree is just covered with blooms—yum—lots of mangos come June. The orchids in the trees are blooming too. And…
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Connect to Protect

I do like living in South Florida!! It’s early February and I step out into my yard and I see an orchid plant I took outside after it bloomed in the living room with 3 new spikes and…
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About the Author

Linda Lawrence Waldron

Linda Lawrence Waldron currently writes the Green Gables column in Gables Living Magazine.  Linda chaired the Coral Gables Garden Club committee that established the  Coral Gables Library Butterfly Garden.

She is the author of the Coral Gables Library Butterfly booklet. It gives you the "how to’s" for having your own butterfly garden. 
Linda attended the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew, England School of Garden Design.

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