Project Canopy

In 1927 the Coral Gables Garden Club started a long tradition of landscape beautification in the city when it landscaped the interior courtyard patio of the newly opened Coral Gables Elementary School. Soon to follow were multiple landscape projects at Ponce de Leon Junior High School, Coral Gables High School and the University of Miami. The Coral Gables Woman’s Club grounds, the Coral Gables Youth Center and the Alhambra Water Tower grounds have all been beneficiaries of the Garden Club's efforts to beautify our city.


Sallye Jude with the Proclamation that declared September 22, 2020 Project Canopy Day dedicated to her, and a poster created by Betsy Tilghman.

Since then, many of our Arbor Day tree gifts have found their homes at our schools. But the need still remains for shade trees for our students. Principals, teachers, parents and students are clamoring for more shade and, as outdoor play and work continue to be of importance and the climate continues to warm, the need for trees only grows.

With every tree we plant we reduce the overall concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Trees use CO2 during the photosynthesis process and as a result release oxygen into the atmosphere producing cleaner air to breathe. There are many other environmental benefits of trees. They provide shade, resulting in cooler temperatures, and offer a natural habitat for our native local wildlife. Trees reduce stormwater runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways.

Project Canopy’s goal is to plant native shade and flowering trees at the public schools in the City of Coral Gables. With the commitment of each school, this project encourages our youth to be stewards of the earth and good gardeners, tending and watering their young trees. Support our efforts to build our Canopy and reduce our Carbon Footprint.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

– Chinese proverb

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In honor of...

Sallye Garrigan Jude

The members of the Coral Gables Garden Club voted unanimously to dedicate “Project Canopy” to our dear Life Member, Sallye Jude.

Sallye, who joined the garden club in 1983, has a long history of promoting environmental causes in South Florida. Sallye is a member of the Sierra Club, a Fellow at Fairchild Botanic Garden, a past Board member of the Fern and Exotic Plant Society, the South Florida Palm Society and the Tropical Flowering Tree Society. Plus, for many years she has been a major supporter of the Royal Poinciana Fiesta which celebrates our magnificent Royal Poinciana tree. Her love and interest in trees is well known throughout the South Florida and Coral Gables communities.

It is with deepest admiration that this project is dedicated to her.

She is our “Johnny Appleseed!”