Merrick House Holiday Decorations

The Garden Club continues its ongoing project of decorating the historic Merrick House for the holidays and the Holiday Open House.

We purchase the greens, holiday decor which grace the home’s porch and interior. This year a homestead nursery donated all of the lovely poinsettas decorating the house.  One day in late November or early December, a group of members assembles to adorn George Merrick’s childhood home with echoes of Christmas celebrations from the 1920s.

(left to right) Ana Lam, France Ingraham, Susan Rodriguez, Michele Wiseheart, Carmen Cason, (Front) Chair Alexis Erhenhaft, and Victoria Cabeza in the Grand Salon of the Merrick House. Centerpiece by Carmen Cason
The grand salon fireplace.

Letter from Warren Adams

Dear President Susan Rodriguez,

In appreciation of your organization's tireless work to beautify the Merrick House and other City properties, special thanks to the Coral Gables Garden Club in this holiday season for spending hours on Monday, December 5, 2021, decorating the Merrick House, both inside and outside. Please express gratitude to the Holiday Decorations Committee, especially Alexis Ehrenhaft as Committee Chair. Happy Holidays to the Coral Gables Garden Club.

Warren Adams
Historical Resources & Cultural Arts Director

Santa Claus arriving at the 2021 Merrick House open house
Carolers entertaining guests at the Merrick House
Victoria Cabeza, France Ingraham, Sandy Milledge, Susan Rodriguez, Sidney Cullen-Daniel working at the Merrick House open house selling Amaryllis bulbs.
Mari Arnold, Grace Carricarte, Sidney Cullen-Daniels with a friend.