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Canopy: What It Is and Why It’s Important

In its simplest meaning, canopy is the cover resulting from the leaves at the top branches of a tree. However, this definition diminishes the importance and value of the cover created below the crown, right down to the…
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Protecting Biscayne Bay: There are so many ways you can make a difference.

Greetings Everyone, Let me give you a little background on one era of my life, back to when I lived for the weekend and opportunities to escape to the water. In my twenties, I raced sailboats in the…
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Keeping our Beautiful Bay Beautiful

For my column this month I would like to build on the excellent article Kelly Cox at Miami Waterkeepers wrote for this site's Hothouse Blog. She focuses on how fertilizer runoff is harming our bay and what you,…
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Getting into Fall

When my mom moved from Chicago to Florida a few years ago, she complained that she missed the changing seasons.  Most of us are transplants from the north and we have memories of fall.  My memories include red…
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Underwater Gardening Anyone?

Dr. Diego Lirman surveying a restored coral reef plot. All of the branching corals shown were grown in the UM nursery and planted onto a depleted reef. Our precious coral reefs, here in Florida…
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A Clean Bay Begins in Your Backyard

Fertilizer is full of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. These nutrients are great for your plants, but when applied in excess, can contribute to nutrient pollution in our waterways. Nutrient pollution can cause algae blooms which are…
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