Member Floral Designs

Members with skills ranging from beginners to advanced have shared their designs using boxwood, peonies, protea, goldenrod, heather, alstroemerias, leatherleaf fern, Ruscus leaf, trick (green puffball related to carnations), sunflowers, bromeliad flower, croton leaf, roses, mums, and more.

Member Floral Designs 2024

Wayne King
Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Maryna Simanava
Alocasia by Carlos Causo
Bromeliad by Carlos Causo
Bulbophyllum by Carlos Causo
Dahlia by Diane Demming
Deanne Lay
Maria Pilar Geada
Ana Bowers
Ghost Orchid by Carlos Causo
Kayla Crouch
Livi McGill
Shelli Pazo
Medinilla by Carlos Causo
Dahlia by Diane Demming
Philodendron by Carlos Causo
Water lilly by Diane Soroka