- 4H is a nationwide program that’s mission is educating youth about science, citizenship, and healthy living. - 4H Florida Bug Club.  - Junior Naturalist Camp for ages 6-9, Science Detective Camp for ages 10-13, and Art Camp to name a few! - The University of Florida Miami-Dade Extension Website which contains a calendar with various events and classes, videos, and information for families and consumers on South Florida homeowner issues such as lawn, gardens, weather, pests, and diseases.  - UF Miami-Dade County Extension Homeowner Urban Horticulture Program.  - Miami-Dade Adopt-a-tree Program offers 2 free trees to homeowners every year!  There are some restrictions so see website for more details. - Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program. YouTube Channel for Miami Dade Extension. Recent online edition of Edible South Florida! Fruit and Spice Park in the Redlands.

Useful Websites

Plants, Seeds, and Links to Electronic Documents

1. Tree Planting, A Quick Guide for Homeowners, University of Florida IFAS Extension – For Parents.  Most important document listed!!*

2. Papaya Growing in the Florida Home Landscape -

3. Everglades Tomatoes Seeds – These tomatoes grow very well in South Florida and are the only tomato that can be planted any time of year.

4. Tomatoes in the Florida Garden, University of Florida IFAS Extension – For Parents.  Note: This handout contains a lot of information meant for tomatoes that are more difficult to grow in our area. Everglades tomatoes are very easy to grow and will not require as much preparation and care.  However, this handout can be useful if you do encounter any issues.  Please note, Everglades tomato seeds can be planted any time of year.

​Junior Arbor Day Program  2019

Presented by Dr. Katy Sobrado,

Garden Club Arbor Day Chairperson, Florida Master Gardener, & Clinical Psychologist

George Washington Carver Elementary

Coral Gables Garden Club